Understated, but not underwhelming, this wine bar serves food with a Korean inflection. The spot is inspired by the owners’ dachshund spaniel rescue pup Squid, who makes an occasional appearance at the adjoining wine shop. Expect an interior with clean lines and arches and the occasional touch of whimsy (an illustrated poster of dog breeds). There’s a significant wine list (as you might expect, given that one of the owners is a former Momofuku wine director) and while a few bottles might be close to a mortgage payment, there are lots of nice choices by the glass. The Korean heritage of the other owner plays out in the food. Delicate pork-filled mandu dumplings, clean finishing cucumber kimchi from a family recipe, and fried chicken are traditional Korean standbys nicely executed. We also found less-standard dishes quite appealing (for instance, the crispy rice squares topped with trout and fennel had a nicely crusty bottom layer that reminded us of the rice cooked in the traditional small Korean cooking vessel known as a dolsot). Raw yellowtail slices made beautiful use of delicate pine nuts, another unsung traditional Korean ingredient. An almost delicate shrimp burger was served on an exquisite diminutive egg bun topped with black sesame seeds (superb fries came alongside).