Marginal Utilities

Jun 30, 1974 By The Customer's Man

Utilities companies’ long range plans didn’t include a fuel shortage. Now they have shortages of a different kind to worry about.

Katie at the Bat

May 31, 1974 By Paul Burka

Women’s college sports, after years of atrophy, are getting more attention, but the same amount of financial support—almost none.

The Adipose Tissue Issue

May 31, 1974 By Roger Williams

There’s a mechanism in the brain that’s supposed to keep you from getting fat. The only problem is you have to eat right and exercise to make it work.

Going For Brokers

Apr 30, 1974 By The Customer's Man

It costs money to make money, nut how are brokers commissions affecting the private investor’ss chances of turning a profit?


Apr 30, 1974 By Katharine Lowry

Another big money musical is another disaster and cop stories are a too-familiar tune.

Behind the Lines

Apr 30, 1974 By William Broyles

On a warm March morning we went looking for the grave of my great-great-grandmother Nancy Daugherty. My mother had visited the grave more than 40 years before, and remembered only that it was near the capitol and that a small iron fence encircled the plot. We found the grave amid…

Behind the Lines

Mar 31, 1974 By William Broyles

We Texans have always seemed to drive more, and farther, and for perhaps stranger reasons, than just about anyone else. Young people in the bleak and monotonous landscapes of West and North Texas grew up accustomed to endless, aimless rides around the countryside and to regular trips into the cities…

Up Against the Barre

Feb 28, 1974 By Suzanne Shelton

After an aggressive ad campaign, attendance was up at the Houston Ballet; the performances were also up... and down.

Behind the Lines

Feb 28, 1974 By William Broyles

Writing about Larry L. King is a difficult task that leaves me feeling like some sweating country jeweler stooped over a fine stone trying to fashion an appropriate setting out of tin. Some good writers have craft; others have soul and spirit. Larry has what great writers have: he has…

Of Nebbishes and Kings

Jan 31, 1974 By Judith Crist

Whether evading the law, loosening the bonds of marriage, or traveling to the future, escape is the watchword for this group of films.

Cebollas and Champagne

Jan 1, 1974 By Linda Eckhardt

Tex-Mex food is as indigenous to Texas as beefsteak. Here are some recipes which will water your eyes and wow your guests.

Behind the Lines

Jan 1, 1974 By Paul Burka

INMATES OF THE TEXAS DEPARTMENT of Corrections have made 181 new desks for about $34 a desk. Rockford Furniture Associates of Austin has fashioned matching chairs for $180 a chair. A new electronic voting board has been installed for $33,500 ($200 more than the total cost for the chairs). These…

The Gold Bugs

Dec 1, 1973 By The Customer's Man

When inflation hits the international scene the gnomes of Zurich and the goldbugs start racing for the ingots. But how smart an investment is gold these days?