In a market that has made it increasingly harder for people to achieve their dreams of home ownership, Arched Cabins LLC is offering a new option that answers the prayers of many prospective home buyers. 

The DIY Kits range in size from 64 square feet to 1,380 square feet on the ground floor and are priced from $1,920 to $28,520 without shipping and tax.  The company is operated out of Cypress, Texas, which gives Texans the added benefit of low shipping costs due to proximity.  

Interior of 24ft x 24ft Arched Cabin in Huntsville, Texas

The company provides everything needed for the main arched walls of the structure and the rest is a blank slate for homeowners to tailor to their individual needs. The total cost to build the kit, including the materials and labor, is far lower than traditional stick-built homes. The patented design was invented by David Cruey to be his personal retirement home; something that was aesthetically pleasing, easy to build, and would last for generations. Once people started seeing the structure, they wanted one of their own and Arched Cabins was born. 

In the video below, David explains the inspiration, hard work, and magic that makes Arched Cabins LLC kit homes so strong.

Buying land and building a small home is becoming an increasingly popular option for Americans. Texas REALTOR®, Crystal Clark, with Renew Realty Group: eXp Realty, LLC, explains, “There are numerous advantageous reasons that people are electing to buy land and build Arched Cabins. The independence of land ownership, affordability of raw land and DIY kits, creating a smaller and sustainable footprint, customizing homes to their personal needs and financial independence are just a few. In the last several years we have all felt the impact of the rising costs of living, higher interest rates, and low existing home inventory. Buyers are looking to forge their own path into homeownership and Arched Cabins LLC is helping them make that happen.” 

Arched Cabins LLC is a family owned and operated company that has a refreshing outlook and mission.  Their calling is to provide affordable housing to the masses and by giving DIY home builders an easy way to construct the home of their dreams; their kits do just that. They allow people with limited construction knowledge to build and customize their own homes and get on their way to mortgage-free living. Even if you’ve never lifted a hammer in your life, with the help of a contractor, the process is streamlined and saves you countless hours and dollars on labor. You can have a dried in structure in as little as one week. 

Finished 20ft x 24ft Arched Cabin in Tazewell, Virginia

The company has also built a tight knit online community where the owners of the company, customers, and potential customers share first-hand knowledge and advice on building an Arched Cabin. Customer, Steve Teter, says, “The help from everyone involved in the company [Arched Cabins LLC] is paramount, again, to success. The responsiveness, the willingness to assist…he [David] has always been extremely helpful and happy to help and develop that community of people doing like-minded things. That’s what we need to do nowadays, right?”

Jeremy Cruey, son of the inventor and Operations Manager in Cypress, TX is passionate about their cause. He shares, “The freedom to live mortgage-free can change the way we live our lives. This equates to more time for things that feed the soul, rather than mortgage companies. More time with family, gardening, relaxing, traveling, or anything your heart desires. This is our dream for you.” 

Interior of 20ft x 28ft in Ketchikan, Alaska

Jeremy and his wife, Gillian, who manage Arched Cabins LLC together have made some generous and ambitious goals for the coming years to give back to the community. They’d like to continue donating their kits to more and more people in need. They launched their very first “Season of Giving” event this past holiday season and the 20ft by 20ft kit winner was a single mom in Louisiana who had been saving for quite a while to buy a kit. The prize is going to improve her life immensely. Watch her heartfelt response in the video below. Their goal in 2023 is to give away 3 kit homes and next year 10! It’s nice to know that not only will the kit homes you purchase be a great option for you, but it’s also benefiting others! 

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