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If you’re looking for an easy day or weekend trip, the new Oklahoma Wine Trails passport program is the perfect guide for a fun filled experience. With nine trails scattered around the state, the passports offer the opportunity to try local Oklahoma wine, meet passionate producers, see some incredible landscapes, and collect fun prizes. 

The new passport program is the perfect ‘bite-sized’ adventure to get folks out to the vineyards and wineries. By breaking up our 43 producers into regional trails, exploring Oklahoma’s wine regions is now more approachable and easier to complete. There are even three trails that begin only a short drive from the Texas border. 

Each wine trail boasts its own clever name, trail logo, and color scheme making each one a unique adventure, experience and prize. Whether you are looking for sweet wine, dry wine, local Oklahoma grapes, elderberry products, mead, or fruit wine, our diverse producers guarantee that no trail stop is like the last. 

The wine trail brochures with information about all 43 stops are available for free upon request from or at a variety of tourist stops. The passports, however, are only available at the vineyard and winery locations to encourage folks to get out there and explore! 

 Download the free app or check out our website to see the nine trails and their stops. Oklahoma Agritourism is a marketing program within the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. The program promotes agriculture experiences throughout the state and helps producers develop agritourism venues.

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