It’s become a common refrain among Texas Tech supporters. 

“Everything is West Texas,” they say, as they bring the grit, spirit and culture of Red Raiders across the state.  It only makes sense, then, that Texas Tech University would expand its footprint to include a location in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. After all, “everything” would have to include the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country.  

Centrally located in Irving to make it easily accessible from anywhere in the metroplex, Texas Tech DFW’s 27,000 square-foot space is bringing more than just a little West Texas to DFW. 

Much more.  

Along with providing a place they can call home for the 60,000 or so alumni already living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Texas Tech DFW is rising to the challenge of providing access and opportunities to students who otherwise might have missed out on the experience of being part of the Red Raider community.  

Photo courtesy of Texas Tech University

“Texas Tech DFW expands the possibilities of where and how one can experience what it means to be part of the Red Raider family,” said Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec. “This endeavor represents an alternative path to a Texas Tech degree that transcends the boundaries of our Lubbock campus to benefit one of our nation’s most vibrant communities and students across the state. I am excited about what lies ahead, the opportunities that will be created, and how lives can be transformed.” 

As part of that personalized support, Texas Tech is launching the $10K Degree-Completion Program.  In the modern world where the non-traditional student is becoming something of a tradition, and the realities of life often pave a winding road to a college degree, the program is a way of meeting students where they are.  

“Through a blend of free micro-credentials, transcript evaluations and online learning, this program accommodates busy schedules and recognizes the value of prior work experience, ensuring that education remains accessible,” said Vice Provost for Texas Tech University Online Brian Still. “This program empowers students to enhance their career prospects and income potential by completing their degree for $10,000, enabling them to embark on new paths and uncover what’s next in their professional lives.”  

The $10K Degree Completion was designed to give the state’s largest population the chance to chase dreams they put on hold, taking advantage of an affordable, flexible and accessible path at Texas Tech DFW. For students with at least 80 credit hours, the program is designed to allow them to earn a degree for $10,000. And while students with 70 completed credit hours may have to pay a little more, all students will be able to use free, prior learning credit and micro-credentials to get a degree quickly and affordably.  

“We understand that the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to education no longer suffices in today’s dynamic and fast-paced world,” Still said. “That’s why we’ve made it our mission to prioritize flexibility, support and quality in everything we do here.” 

So, why do Red Raiders believe that everything is West Texas?  

Photo courtesy of Texas Tech University

Because at its core, Texas Tech is about more than research or education. It’s about impacting lives, making a difference in the world and fostering a community that cares deeply about the success of its people.  More than 75% of the student population on campus in Lubbock comes from areas over 300 miles away from campus and many, upon completing their educational journey, once again spread far and wide to chase their dreams.  

They take bits of West Texas with them. The grit. The determination. The need to make an impact. The want to be part of something bigger. That’s why West Texas is everywhere and why Texas Tech is finding new and innovative ways to support those journeys.  “At its core, Texas Tech DFW embodies our steadfast commitment to serving the needs of our community and empowering individuals to reach their full potential,” said Provost Ronald Hendrick.  

Texas Tech DFW opened its doors in April, signaling a new chapter for the university as it embarks on its second century. 

“Texas Tech DFW represents the continued evolution of how Texas Tech delivers life-changing opportunities through affordable accessibility to a college degree and innovation in how that education is delivered,” Schovanec said. “The needs and demographics of students are changing, and this represents our commitment to addressing those challenges and thinking about ‘what’s next.’”