Libbey is one of the truly iconic names in tabletop, and they have expanded the breadth of the brand. “I am sure you have heard of World and Syracuse, but did you know those are Libbey brands and have been for over 50 years?” asked Libbey’s VP of Marketing, Kevin Oglesby. What was known for years as a leader in glassware has evolved into a guiding force in flatware, dinnerware, serveware and—of course holding true to its roots—glassware. Whether our customers are looking for glassware or building a full tabletop with dinnerware and flatware, Libbey wants customers to ask for Libbey by name. When they do, they will enjoy the same attention to detail, world-class customer service and industry expertise that makes Libbey a worldwide tabletop leader.

As a total tabletop provider, Libbey doesn’t just create products, they create solutions for every space and every type of foodservice professional, from casual to fine dining to healthcare. Kevin added, “This industry needs to touch and feel product before they purchase. We understand quality and durability need to be experienced. We also believe that you don’t have to sacrifice trend and style for the quality Libbey brings. Most people know about our basic glassware and dinnerware, but we want you to experience Libbey like you’ve never experienced before.”

Video Photo courtesy of Libbey

With a goal of bringing Libbey’s new portfolio to the nation’s restaurant and foodservice professional, the company has slated a number of fun and interactive Taste of Libbey events for guests to come, eat and play with Libbey’s products in inspirational ways. “We have held them in LA, Columbus and Chicago and our next one is in Dallas on October 24 from 3-7 at a great customer location called Felix Culpa,” noted Libbey marketing expert, Mandy Rentschler. “The event will feature local Dallas area who’s who of the industry including Heaven’s door ambassador, Austin Millspaugh, who will be working the bar and offering some great cocktails and whiskey tastings. We will have some giveaways for free products and discounts for those who attend. We are converting the fun and swanky Felix Culpa space into a pop-up showroom so anyone can come and see what Libbey has to offer while exploring a really cool restaurant.” concluded Mandy.

You can find complimentary tickets here, or on Instagram @Libbeypro to RSVP.

“We believe that your food and beverage menu is an extension of your location’s personality, so we are advocates for using the perfect glass and plate to tell your story,” Oglesby concluded. “That is why Libbey is really for Makers and we like to say for Makers by Makers because we are so involved in our own form of artistry as well.”

Operators and dealers can get more information on the Libbey line of tabletop solutions on the web at They are all invited to connect with the company via social media @Libbeypro or attend the fun and inspiring Taste of Libbey event in Dallas, October 24! Don’t forget to snag your spot and RSVP today!