Gaylan Marth

Interview: Gaylan Marth of Big Boys Bar-B-Que

Aug 28, 2013 By Daniel Vaughn

Photo by Nicholas McWhirter Owner/Pitmaster: Big Boys Bar-B-Que, opened 2000 Age: 57 Smoker: Direct heat steel pits Wood: Mesquite I’ve been out to Sweetwater twice for Gaylan Marth’s barbecue at Big Boys. The first time I was with my wife and kids. They stayed in the car while I got a to-go order.

Big Boy’s Bar-B-Que

May 16, 2013 By Texas Monthly

The exceptional thing to note about Big Boy’s Bar-B-Que is the fact that it exists at all. Located in a caliche lot along a desolate road in Sweetwater next to a bowling alley turned bar, Big Boy’s has the feel of an oasis—or a mirage. Blink and it might disappear.

Big Boy’s Bar-B-Que

Oct 18, 2011 By Daniel Vaughn

A large pickup truck whizzed along Lamar St. (State Highway 70) in Sweetwater while we sat in the parking lot of Big Boy’s enjoying some smoked meats while my newborn son ate in the backseat. The scene was only worth a glance until a State Highway patrolman followed…