Hillside Farmacy

Austin Chef Sonya Coté Named One of Marie Claire’s ‘Women on Top’

Oct 22, 2012 By Layne Lynch

Austin chef Sonya Coté, executive chef of Hillside Farmacy and former chef of East Side Show Room, has been named one of Marie Claire’s “Women on Top,” an award that celebrates women under forty who are creatively reinventing their industries. Coté earned the distinguished honor for her valiant support of…

Sweet Potato Bisque from Hillside Farmacy

May 24, 2012 By Layne Lynch

Few chefs command the kitchen as confidently and calmly as Sonya Coté. As the executive chef of East Side Show Room and Hillside Farmacy in Austin, she has enlivened the local food scene and transformed it into more than…

Cooks Who Draw Inspiration from Their Mothers

May 13, 2012 By Layne Lynch

Numerous Texas chefs credit their profound talents to years of hard work in culinary school, rigorous training alongside great chefs, or hours of sweat equity in restaurant kitchens. Great cooking, however, is not a subject that can be summed up in the span of a few short years in the kitchen; lessons usually begin…