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Kacey Musgraves
Kacey Musgraves Has a Surprise for Nashville

Feb 21, 2018 By Skip Hollandsworth

Kacey Musgraves wrinkles her nose as she looks at a text message that has just come in. It is a mid-November afternoon. We are sitting in a dressing room at the Fox Theatre, in Midtown Atlanta, where she will be performing in a few hours. Musgraves is barefoot, her thick black hair falling straight down her back. She wears a tiny silver nose ring and what she describes as her… Read Story


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Blaze Foley
The Blaze Foley Biopic, Through the Eyes of His Greatest Muse

Aug 24, 2018 By Sybil Rosen

Nearly thirty years after he died in relative obscurity, songwriter Blaze Foley is on the verge of newfound fame thanks to an Ethan Hawke–directed biopic. In a series of dispatches from her time on set, Sybil Rosen, widely known as Foley's muse, ponders the widening divide between the man and the legend.


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