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Troy Aikman Spent His Saturday Morning Hanging Out With a 100-Year-Old Fan for Her Birthday

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Back in March, we heard from Alicia Carter-Johnson, a woman who wanted to make the one hundredth birthday of her grandmother extra-special. And she knew just what she wanted to give grandma Evonne Morgan: a surprise visit from Morgan’s all-time favorite Cowboy, Troy Aikman. 

Aikman had once knocked on Morgan’s door by mistake in the nineties, and she never let an opportunity to recall the story pass. “She called my grandfather out of the kitchen, and Troy Aikman very kindly talked to the two of them and shook their hands for a good fifteen minutes,” Carter-Johnson told us in March. “My grandmother even walked him across the street to his party when they were done talking. I’m sure she was absolutely bursting with pride to be able to escort him across the street.” 

So when the quarterback—along with his two daughters—walked into the assisted-living facility where Morgan resides on Saturday to celebrate her birthday, it was probably one of the bigger surprises in her one hundred years.

According to Carter-Johnson, Morgan called the visit a “miracle,” and it’s one that came together via social media—a friend of Aikman’s saw Carter-Johnson’s plea shared on Facebook and passed it on to Aikman, then the two of them set up the visit via email over the ensuing few months.

And it sounds like Aikman had a good time too: 

(Photographs courtesy of Alicia Carter-Johnson)

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  • Steven Giles

    Well done.

  • skitzfiggitous

    A not-depressing story out of Texas. Thanks, guys.

  • Annette Spotanski-Neilan

    That is called a good deed, proud of you Aikman @TroyAikman

  • Patricia C Mulkey

    My opinion of him as a person has risen.

  • Jeff Hughes

    That sounds like the Troy I knew! He is a great person!

  • Ferblungen

    False flag operation to take heat off the Obama administration about Jade Helm. Was Mr. Aikman NOT seen exiting a Humvee accompanied but SOF troops at the assisted living center?

  • Amador Almanza

    Oh you had to do this Troy, thanks for not fumbling that blessed opportunity. I met you the year before you went to your Superbowl in Sacramento California at a NFL charity basketball game at the Arco arena in the parking lot where you gave me 5 minutes of your time and signed a colorful drawing I did of you, thanks bud still appreciated to this day! Maybe I’ll see you when I reach 100, in 50 years! Lol! 😉 Thanks for the Superbowls, thanks for the wins and great leadership and the role model and class act that you are! Go Cowboys!