Picture Perfect

Peter Yang has parlayed his love of portraiture into a successful photography career. So, what's the secret?

texasmonthly.com: Was it your idea to do the “mug” shots of people for the October issue on UT?

Peter Yang: I have to give [ Texas Monthly art director] Scott Dadich credit for that one.

texasmonthly.com: I understand you spent a lot of time hanging out at the Texas Union. What was that like and how did you pick your subjects? Was this a difficult assignment?

PY: I chose the West Mall outside the Texas Union as a place to scout for students. That area gets some of the most foot traffic around campus and is centrally located. It’s a great place to people watch.

Picking subjects was one of the more interesting parts of this assignment. Aside from getting good diversity, my goal was to look for interesting people. I was surprised how many students said no to having their pictures made while others were beyond excited. Several students obediently had their pictures taken, gave all their vital information, then asked as they were leaving, “Now, what’s this for?”

texasmonthly.com: Despite

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