The Protesters

Speaking from their headquarters last Thanksgiving at Camp Casey, in Crawford, six demonstrators explained why they’re against the war.

Photographs by Brent Humphreys.

Tunde Obazee | 51 | Dallas

I lived in Nigeria in 1967, during the civil war. I carried the dead bodies of my friends. The federal troops—our “liberators”— were pulling people who were suspected of being rebels out of their homes. They were lined up and killed. A friend of mine tried to shield his father from the soldiers, and he was shot dead. He was fourteen years old. Every war has innocent victims. That’s why I believe violence should only be a last resort. President Bush entered this war before he did everything he could to bring about a peaceful solution. When he chose violence over diplomacy, we lost our integrity. Our bombs and bullets are not winning Iraqis’ hearts and minds.

Patty Sherman | 54 | Wylie

The level of outrage that I feel over the war makes it impossible for me to sit back and stay at home. President Bush used our fear over 9/11 to get support for a war that he and his advisers had been planning for a long time. He made people


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