Anne Dingus

Anne Dingus, a former senior editor for Texas Monthly was born in Pampa in 1953 and is a freelance writer living in Austin.


Whodunit? Who Cares?

Anne Dingus has a few bones to pick with the modern mystery novel, which she says has been decomposing in recent years. Stepping up to defend the genre: none other than Texas’ queen of murder and mayhem, Mary Willis Walker.

The Searcher

Photographer Kurt Markus spent years tracking down modern working cowboys for his new book, Cowpuncher. He corralled the genuine article at several Texas spreads.

Old Yeller

What was the real name of the dog that portrayed Old Yeller?

Must-Read Mysteries

Senior editor Anne Dingus lists her ten favorite whodunits.

This Place Is A Zoo

Want to get up close and personal with kudus and kangaroos, tigers and toucans, okapi and orangutans? We’re especially fauna these zoos, the ten best in the state.

Austin Zoo
El Paso Zoo
Frank Buck

How many monkeys did Frank Buck capture?

Houston Zoo
Theater • Roger Horchow

A Tony guy.

Charley Pride

Which professional sport did Charley Pride play?