Anne Dingus

Anne Dingus, a former senior editor for Texas Monthly was born in Pampa in 1953 and is a freelance writer living in Austin.


Speed, Queen

Austin painter Julie Speed is the latest ascendant to the ranks of art royalty. Talk about a brush with greatness.

Sharon Tate

On which two sitcoms did Sharon Tate have a guest-starring role?

The Plainsman

No one captures the majesty and mystique of wide-open spaces like photographer Peter Brown.

Shelley Duvall

What part did Shelley Duvall beat out Gilda Radner for?

Américo Paredes

Which Américo Paredes book was made into a movie starring Edward James Olmos?

Cynthia Ann and Quanah Parker

Which American president was befriended by Quanah Parker?

Pecos Bill

How did Pecos Bill invent hot sauce?

Hot Cole

A rough-neck novelist hits pay dirt.

Jim Dandy

Call it A Simpler Plan: Austinite Jim Magnuson’s new novel is about the consequences of finding a lot of money—and it’s a good read.


La Grange’s Mr. Barbecue, the police chief of Athens: Fifteen local characters with, er, character.


Elegant antebellum furniture in Jefferson, Latin American folk art in Smithville: Where the buys are in two dozen communities.

Bob Wills

Which future Texas governor hired Bob Wills to play on his Fort Worth radio show?

Leon Jaworski

At what age was Leon Jaworski the youngest lawyer in the history of Texas?

Scott Joplin

How many years after his death did Scott Joplin win a Pulitzer prize?