Rob Heidrick


Texas Business Report: Texas A&M Gets Supercomputing Powers

The university partnered with IBM to provide advanced supercomputing systems that can crunch data and solve problems loads faster than the school’s current equipment. 

Texas Business Report: Neiman Marcus Spending Spree

The Dallas-based retailer alerted customers that hackers stole as many as 1.1 million credit and debit card numbers, a much larger figure than previous thought. 

Texas Business Report: Don't Mess With (the University of) Texas

UT, which is notoriously protective of its Longhorns brand, is cracking down on retailers selling merchandise that riffs on the name of its new head football coach, Charlie Strong.  

Texas Business Report: Pro-Business Republicans Scooping Up Campaign Money

Some of Texas’s biggest corporations are pushing back against tea party Republicans who oppose spending taxpayer money on infrastructure and public education. 

Texas Business Report: Texas Closes the Year Strong

Texas is emerging from the 2012-2013 budget cycle with a surplus of $2.6 billion—more than twice as much as state officials had projected.

Texas Business Report: Pulling the Thread in J.C. Penney's Stock Offering

The Plano-based retailer is under scrutiny by the Securities and Exchange Commission for its recent stock sale, a move that surprised investors. 

Texas Business Report: American Airlines's Merger Looks More Likely Than an On-Time Flight

The Texas-based airlines and U.S. Airways reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice, making the long-awaited merger “all but certain.” 

Texas Business Report: Lance Armstrong Might Have to Return $12 Million in Bonuses

A Texas court ruled that the cyclist might have to give back the money he received from Dallas-based SCA Promotions. 

Texas Business Report: Making a Killing In the Funeral Industry

America’s leading death-care provider, based in Houston, charges 42% more for its traditional funeral services; Torchy’s taco is suing the Texas Taco Company; bags might not fly free at Southwest; and more.

Texas Business Report: You Can Now Buy Stock in Arian Foster

This week the Texans running back became the first professional athlete to go public in a new financial exchange that allows investors to buy and trade shares tied to an athlete’s future earnings.

Texas Business Report: Boom Goes the Housing Market

Home prices in Houston and Dallas are “up more than at any time since the oil boom of the 1980s.” And with every rise… 

Texas Business Report: Save the Buffalo

A new bill that went into effect making it illegal to shoot stray bison could save ranchers thousands of dollars.