Big Rich Texas’s Big Unlikely Success

Despite withering reviews, the Dallas-based reality television show has enjoyed increased ratings and has spawned a franchise.
<em>Big Rich Texas</em>’s Big Unlikely Success
The cast of Big Rich Texas, a reality series set in North Texas.

In a cosmetic surgeon’s office in Dallas’s Uptown neighborhood, a mother sits in on a consultation with her sixteen-year-old daughter. Her explanation for their visit sounds like some nightmarish outtake from a remake of Mommie Dearest.

She has these railroad tracks on her forehead that I think are unsightly,” she said, before adding: “She needs Botox.” Far from being traumatized, her daughter appears to be in complete agreement.

Is there a law that says she can’t do this?” the mother asked the doctor.

The doctor said no, then, in an impressive pivot, noted: “There’s laws of nature.”

Welcome to the world of Big Rich Texas, a reality series on the Style Network that follows seven sets of mothers and daughters in the Dallas area,

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