January 2013


Friday Night Tykes

Jan 1, 2013 By Bryan Curtis

I. The Hawks Preteen football players are usually described by other preteen football players with one of three words: “nice,” “funny,” or, the highest possible compliment, “awesome.” Celdon Manning, a running back with the Allen Hawks, is the rare athlete who makes his teammates reach for the Scholastic Children’s Thesaurus.

The 2013 Bum Steer Awards

Jan 1, 2013 By Texas Monthly

How ignoble was 2012? It was a year in which our idols fell from their pedestals only to land on our leaders, who had already toppled from their own heights. The shame spiral began on January 3, when Rick Perry lost his first election ever, the Iowa caucuses in…


Foxxed Out

Jan 1, 2013 By Christopher Kelly

After his Oscar turn in RAY, Jamie Foxx seemed to lose his way. Can DJANGO UNCHAINED revive the career of one of our great actors?

5 Things You’ll Be Talking About in January

Jan 21, 2013 By Jeff Salamon

1. For George Strait, the road doesn’t go on forever I was tooling around Austin in 1981, enjoying the free-love vibe and listening to the radio, when I first heard George Strait. His voice came out of my little dashboard speaker so strong and clear I ran two lights and a stop…


Web Exclusive
How Millionaires Celebrate End-of-Days

Jan 1, 2013 By Sonia Smith

To commemorate the Mayan Apocalypse, video game tycoon Richard Garriott de Cayeux threw a lavish soiree at his 65-acre spread along Lake Austin, complete with various scenes of imagined end-of-the-world scenarios.


Gastronome on the Range

Jan 1, 2013 By Patricia Sharpe

At Stampede 66, Dallas chef Stephan Pyles’s latest gig, the symbols of his West Texas youth are writ not just large but colossal. Wild horses fashioned of gleaming wire come bursting through a solid wall. A giant rattlesnake of screen wire and glowing LED lights stretches its fifty-foot length…


texanist crazy water
The Texanist
The Texanist

Jan 1, 2013 By David Courtney

Is the secret to good healthy actually “Crazy Water”? Illustration by Jack Unruh Q: I am a Texan of advanced age who is hearing all the clamor surrounding health care. I grew up in Mineral Wells, drinking the famed water they merchandise, and I enjoy great…

On the Money

Jan 1, 2013 By Paul Burka

As the Eighty-third Legislature gears up at the Capitol this month, will lawmakers be penny-wise and pound-foolish? Or just plain foolish?