June 1981 Issue



And Jesus Said, “Mai Eeñeno”

From its headquarters in the wilds of Dallas to remote jungle outposts all over the world, Wycliffe Bible Translators is defying bitter opposition and dedicating itself to speeding up the Second Coming.


The Coyote Wars

The stake is survival - for either the sheep and goat ranchers of West Texas or the smartest predator of all.


Classical Music

Mozart Is As Mozart Was

Conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are two centuries apart, but their ideas about music are exactly the same.


The Eve of Destruction

The millennium is nigh, according to some evangelists, and when Jesus returns, Texans will experience either rapture or hell and high water.


Shades of Gray

Thomas Thompson won his Blood and Money libel suit, but the trial left one question unanswered: how much of his imagination is a nonfiction writer allowed to use?


Blood Buff

The Fan is the story of a man whose adoration for an actress turns to hate, and the movie turns your stomach. Alan Alda takes a studiously liberated look at divorce among old married couples in The Four Seasons. Take This Job and Shove It is another workingman’s-hero movie; so


Lock ‘Em Up

Mandatory sentencing means every felon gets the same sentence for the same crime - and for the rest of us it means a lot of crimes that won’t happen.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Farmers and oilmen fight over water; a Houston gold rush for TV licenses; houses multiply faster than people; security for brokers.




Kirk Crocker’s radiation nightmare; Texas International tries to swallow Continental Air Lines - and chokes; Panhandle farmers confront the M-X missile folly; can Houston have its park and oil wells, too?

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