May 1982 Issue



Oil Chic

Sounds like a joke, right? Cowboy chic was funny too, until it caught on.


Classical Music

They’re Playing Our Song—Again

The Pachelbel Canon has gone Hollywood and become the best-selling classical piece in the country. Works by Bach, Mozart, and Wagner are managing to hold their own, too.


The Shrine Of The Black Madonna

Albert Cleage, the self-styled holy patriarch of an ambitious sect, has already won over blacks in Detroit and Atlanta. Now he’s set his sights on Houston.


French Fries And Sympathy

Diner recalls the unbeatable glow when the gang was all together. The two friends in My Dinner With Andre find that not seeing eye to eye doesn’t keep them from talking heart to heart.


Mixed Company

The Dallas Ballet’s new director is moving the company from traditional works into daring—and sometimes absurd—modern choreography.


The Box

Used correctly, the polygraph can tell whether or not an accused criminal’s claim that he didn’t do it is true. Too bad the police can’t take that to court.

Gimmie Silver

Beyond Greed is the tale of the Hunts’ journey from silver spoon to silver lust. In Sing Me Back Home Merle Haggard takes a quick look at his life (too quick). Billy Clayton has Gavels, Grit & Glory--or so says his biographer.


State Secrets

State Secrets

A new market for unstable oil; Colorado joins the hate-Texas club; Houston lawyers invade Dallas; a Republican litmus test.



Texas Monthly Reporter

A Texas farmer’s bitter harvest; a trucker’s paradise; Louisiana’s tastiest emigrant; NASA’s lunar fringe; the media’s favorite oilman.

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