June 1990 Issue


Can Kids On Drugs Be Saved?

Drug treatment seldom works: at many centers, greedy entrepreneurs prey on frightened parents and troubled kids. But one teenager’s parents decided to take one last, desperate step: they sent their son to the toughest program in Texas.

The Old Man and the Secret

Thirty years ago, people couldnt believe it: The old man’s elixir boosted crops, ate up sewage, and made the desert bloom. Today half a dozen Texas companies claim the elixir does all that and a whole lot more.

The Fab Flacks

The nouvelle stars of Houston society are none other than Becca Cason and Holly Moore, the founders of the hippest, most with-it PR machine in the city.



One Tough Bird

After rescuing hundreds of birds from horrible deaths, a Midland woman has finally gained an ally in her war on open oil pits.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Hunting for hunting land in the Panhandle: hunting for new legal theories in the Supreme Court: hunting for a reason Bill Clements does what he does.

Roar of the Crowd

Roar of the Crowd

Recruiting for the environmental team: tackling Texas’ education crisis: seeking justice at the Court of Criminal Appeals.


Around the State

Animal Attractions Ralph the Swimming Pig

Animal Attractions

These seven creatures might be piggy-backed, whale-boned, dog-toothed, goat-eed, elephant-eared, turtle-necked, and bull-headed, but they’re stars just the same.

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