August 1981


The Deal That Didn’t Work

Jul 31, 1981 By Victoria Loe

Parceling out three new seats in Congress sounds like an easy job, but the Texas Legislature tried for two months and couldn’t do it.

Trial by Piano

Jul 31, 1981 By W. L. Taitte

Why knock yourself out for two grueling at a piano competition in Fort Worth? For $12,000 - and a string of concert bookings money can’t buy.

Country Boy

Jul 31, 1981 By Nicholas Lemann

Texas Cities are full of people who grew up in the country - and want everybody they meet to know it.

The Perfect River

Jul 31, 1981 By Stephen Harrigan

From giant freshwater prawns to bikini-clad coeds, from ancient Indian artifacts to swimming pigs, there’s something for everyone on the San Marcos River.



Jul 31, 1981 By Michael Ennis

Artists and art organizations are getting cut off from the federal dole - and maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Angry Men

Jul 31, 1981 By Gene Lyons

Texas Fathers for Equal Rights joined divorced men from all over the country to protest family courts that have always favored mothers in child custody cases.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Jul 31, 1981 By Paul Burka

Bombs away on the Franklin Mountains; why pro-nukes belong in the Nutt House; the Dallas News goes public; sportfishermen change their minds about redfish.



Jul 31, 1981 By Texas Monthly

Mr. Boll Weevil goes to Washington; Dallas scholars go to the Sunbelt’s defense; Houston’s public abortion clinic goes down the drain.