April 1980


Little Boy Lost

Apr 1, 1980 By Victoria Loe

Being autistic nearly ruined Michael Shipley’s life, but his parents sent him to a state mental hospital. Then Michael’s life was ruined for good.

The Tragedy of Bob Bullock

Apr 1, 1980 By billcollier

Bob Bullock, in his flamboyant style, built a powerful state agency. Then Bob Bullock, in his flamboyant style, was seduced by its power.

Painting the Towns

Apr 1, 1980 By Andy Burns

Burns roamed Texas doing odd jobs. One day he ambled into a museum carrying drawings he’s made along the way - and ended up a celebrity.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Apr 1, 1980 By Paul Burka

Nebraska scoundrels are absconding with West Texas water; adding grist to the Murdoch rumor mill; the old Dallas City Council was never like this.


Dining Out
All Show and No Souffle

Apr 1, 1980 By W. L. Taitte

While the Pyramid Room in Dallas relies on pomp, two of its rivals in French dining are putting foot before pretension.

Cross Examinations

Apr 1, 1980 By William Martin

Adventurous Methodists try the case against the Church; pallid Seventh-day Adventists try the worshiper’s patience.

Jazz Salad

Apr 1, 1980 By Doug Ramsey

Some old greats forged ahead in 1979, but young musicians kept up.

The Finish Line

Apr 1, 1980 By Abby Kaighin

As a doctor, Tony Seidenberg has become accustomed to death. Only this time it is different: he is the one who is dying.

Lode Star

Apr 1, 1980 By George Morris

Coal Miner’s Daughter hits true and false notes; Cruising goes sadly astray.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 1, 1980 By Gene Lyons

Rice University is up in arms; God is indicted for murder; Blackboard Jungle becomes a political thicket; the golden arm of Nolan Ryan.