April 1973



Briar Patch

Apr 1, 1973 By Griffin Smith Jr.

Hello, Columbus TWO EGGS. A PATTIE OF HOMEMADE sausage as big as a hamburger. Three large homemade biscuits. Grits. All the butter and jelly you want. Coffee. Add up the bill for that breakfast, if you could even order it, at The Holiday Inn, Nickerson Farms or any of a…

Briar Patch
Briar Patch

Apr 1, 1973 By Gregory Curtis and Jamie Frucht

IF FORTUNE MAKES STRANGE BEDFELLOWS, the fortunes of death make the strangest of all. In the state cemetery in Austin, J. Frank Dobie, Ma and Pa Ferguson, and Big Foot Wallace lie within a 30-yard radius of one another. Their graves are near the top of a small hill which…


Behind the Lines

Apr 1, 1973 By William Broyles

WE TEXANS TALK A LOT about how big we are, and how we are getting bigger. This is all right, since it is true. We are the only state with more than one of the ten largest cities in the country. In fact, we have three—Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.