January 1989



Jan 1, 1989 By Jerry Jeanmard

Look out, Waxahachie! Here come the Protonettes, the Big Bang Motel, and the Phil Gramm Institute.


Jan 1, 1989 By Paul Burka

Will Texas’ acquisition of the supercollider increase the state’s clout in Washington? We’d better hope so, because now that we’ve got it, we’ve got to get the money to deliver it.

Dad’s Last Home

Jan 1, 1989 By jodygoode

It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. Had the time come to put my father in a nursing home?

God Help Her

Jan 1, 1989 By Lawrence Wright

How Madalyn Murray O’Hair became the supreme being of the American atheist movement.

Smile, Houston

Jan 1, 1989 By Texas Monthly

Three photographers of international reputation reveal their own new yet unfamiliar first impressions of Houston.

1989 Bum Steer Awards!

Jan 1, 1989 By Texas Monthly

A year of avaricious Arabs, belligerent bovines, convincing Connallys, dubious degrees, elusive Elvises, furious firefighters, George's goofs, hassled Hunts. Ingenious inmates, jilted judges, knotorious Kneppers, loose locomotives, migrant moose, normative nerds, overcautious orchestras, preposterous pythons, qualmish queens, rampant roaches, Sue Ellen's swimsuits, targeted transvestites, upset umps, vetoed Virgins, wanton Willies, x-tremist x-chairmen, yammering Yankees, and zapped zygomatics.


Classical Music
Playing It Safe

Jan 1, 1989 By W. L. Taitte

Take two Aspern: one a world premiere by the Dallas Opera, the other the Henry James novella on which the opera is based. Which is better for you?

Bringing It All Back Home

Jan 1, 1989 By Bill Crawford

Through shrewd buying and aggressive marketing, Fort Worth-based Pier 1 has transcended its old head-for-the-home image and emerged into the new age a more profitable company.

Onward Through the Fog

Jan 1, 1989 By Emily Yoffe

The plane was heading to Houston at dawn. Surely the pilot was kidding when he said we would be landing in Nashville.

Making Waves

Jan 1, 1989 By Joe Nick Patoski

It’s cold and rainy; your stress level has reached an all-time high; your roof has sprung a leak. But you don’t have to sit still for this. Escape to the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Two-Point Conversion

Jan 1, 1989 By Jan McInroy

The question wasn’t whether my son was tough enough to play high school football. It was whether I was tough enough to watch him do it.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Jan 1, 1989 By Paul Burka

UT football on the Longhorns of a dilemma; who’s supreme at the Supreme Court; a taxing idea in Washington.

Roar of the Crowd
Roar of the Crowd

Jan 1, 1989 By Texas Monthly

Cleaning up with Heloise; fighting Crack in Dallas; testing the school district in Garland.


Big Man, Small Town

Jan 1, 1989 By Alison Cook

An East Texas librarian learns the perils of shushing the wrong guy; Houston and Dallas put on the ritz for couture; and Citizen Butt picks the Texas Supreme Court.