January 1982 Issue



Trust Me, Just Sign Here.

Whenever you buy or sell a house, hundreds of dollars of your money goes for something called title insurance. Title insurance is a great deal—for the title company.


The Saint of Falfurrias

Supplicants in the Valley worship at the shrine of faith healer Don Pedrito Jaramillo, more powerful than he was in life.


The Lord’s Work

Rusty Hardin is a prosecutor. Most of the time, his job is to put people in jail. This time, he wants a man dead.


Bum Steer Awards 1982

In which we salute the folks who made Texas the bizarre, flagrant, preposterous, funny, and endearing place it was last year.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Poor Bunker Hunt; hogging the airwaves; why the establishment likes Hightower; worries in the Hobby camp.



Big Frogs, Small Pond

Screen greats Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn embarrass themsevles in the namby-pamby On Golden Pond. Ragtime is a clinker. Absence of Malice has prescence--Paul Newman's.


Miss Van Buren Comes To Texas

An evocative American portrait is one of 75 masterpieces from the Phillips Collection now on display in Dallas. A photographic exhibit in Austin on family life covered just about everything but the family.


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