September 1980


The Italian connection

Aug 31, 1980 By John Bloom

An informant offered to lead a journalist to Europe’s largest cache of stolen art. Soon they were trapped in a web of lies, suspicion, treachery, and impending death.


Onward, Brother Roloff

Aug 31, 1980 By William Martin

The feisty pastor of the People’s Baptist Church keeps marching on to war with the State of Texas. Mexican American Pentecostals in the Valley ask Houston’s God’s help on a hot problem.

Shock Tactics

Aug 31, 1980 By W. L. Taitte

Houston’s Equinox Theatre has fine actors and directors, but its raunchy sex and violence can make you squirm. The nineteenth-century Granbury Opera House is a fetching setting for Texas Meg.

Capote Changes Coler

Aug 31, 1980 By Stephen Harrigan

In Music for Chameleons it’s hard to tell whether Truman Capote is telling the whole truth or nothing at all of the truth; Conspiracy ferrets out much of the truth about John F. Kennedy’s murder.