March 1982 Issue



The Writer Stumbles

Celebrity is Thomas Thompson’s flawed venture into fiction; The Last Texas Hero deserves a twenty-yard penalty; Peeper is to be read only to find out who the real Tom is.


Making Hole

Mudding up, twisting off, and other mysteries in the life of a roughneck.

We Believe In You, Coach

In hiring football coach Jackie Sherrill, the A&M regents were acting life shrewd businessmen, but that may not be the best way to run a university.


Marriage In The Combat Zone

Shoot the Moon is about domestic warfare with tenderness and humor between the skirmishes; One From the Heart succeeds as art but fails as real life; Willie Nelson is just one of several good reasons to go see Barbarosa.

Dining Out

Hot Pasta

From their antipastos to their cannoli, three restaurants are leading Texans to the pure, simple pleasures of classical Italian cooking.

Classical Music

The Score In Houston

Two young conductors are rousing audiences in Houston and making motions toward becoming the country’s finest maestros.


The Soaps Get Religion

Another Life, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s born-again soap, hasn’t discarded the essentials of the genre: sex, crime, and violence.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Drilling for oil on hallowed ground; nannies invade Dallas; McKnight of the living dead; does the Voting Rights Act really help Mexican Americans?



Texas Monthly Reporter

Private eyes are peeled for oil thieves; Lightnin’ Hopkin’s death left Houston singin’ the blues; Zenter’s steakhouses hoof it across Texas; folks are MADD as hell about DWI; Places Rated Almanac flunks the rating game.

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