October 1996


Death and the Matrons

Sep 30, 1996 By Jim Atkinson

THE MOST INFAMOUS RESIDENCE IN all of Texas suburbia sits in a small development of two-story tract homes just off Texas Highway 66 in the sleepy east Dallas County town of Rowlett. The front yard is small—a strip of grass, really, no more than half the size of a typical…

Jennifer Pena

Sep 30, 1996 By ramiroburr

ON MAY 29, 1995, TWO MONTHS AFTER THE TRAGIC death of tejano star Selena, a tribute was staged in her honor at Houston’s Astrodome. Although many well-known acts performed that day, including hometown superstars La Mafia and Selena’s former bandmate Pete Astudillo, it was an unknown eleven-year-old dynamo named Jennifer…


Sep 30, 1996 By John Morthland

TEN DAYS AFTER HE CELEBRATED HIS FOURTEENTH birthday by downing a seafood dinner and playing a concert in Milwaukee, Quindon Tarver is on top of the world. Actually, he’s on top of Reunion Tower in Dallas, sucking down a virgin piña colada at the Antares restaurant and talking about his…


Sep 30, 1996 By Jason Cohen

BEN KWELLER WON’T BE SEEING THE INSIDE of a high school classroom this year, though he could have penned a pretty nifty “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” essay. The fifteen-year-old is the singer, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist for Radish, an astonishingly tuneful alternative-rock trio that has spent the…

Absolutely Farbulous

Sep 30, 1996 By Skip Hollandsworth

Carolyn Farb wrote the book on charity fundraising, so when she calls, the stars come out to play, and Houston�s high society has a ball.

A Shrimp Tale

Sep 30, 1996 By Robert Draper

After nearly fifty years of working Matagorda Bay, Vernon Bates could soon watch his business shut down for good—and so could the thousands of other shrimpers who make their living on the Gulf Coast.

Death and the Matrons

Sep 30, 1996 By Jim Atkinson

What could drive a suburban housewife to murder? The bizarre cases of Rowlett’s Darlie Routier and Fairview’s Candy Montgomery hint at the answer, and it may be closer to home than we’d like to think.

Cowboy Family Values

Sep 30, 1996 By Gary Cartwright

Serious athlete. Devoted father and husband. Savvy businessman. On game day he may be Prime Time, but out of the spotlight, Deion Sanders is the squarest player on the Dallas Cowboys.


Sep 30, 1996 By Anne Dingus

A new exhibit in San Marcos pays homage to Manuel Alvarez Bravo, the grandfather of Mexican photography, and the generations of fotógrafos who followed his lead.

Home on the Range

Sep 30, 1996 By Paul Burka

Home on the Range All over Texas, small ranchers are giving up and moving to the city. But the Stoner family of Uvalde is as determined as ever to hold on to its land—and its way of life.


The Ex Files
Will Lee

Sep 30, 1996 By Renee Boensch

My parents were jazzers. In 1954 my father was appointed chairman of the music department at Sam Houston State Teachers College in Huntsville; my mother sang live on the radio. My first memory of any sound at all was of Miles Davis’ muted trumpet; I came out in my pajamas…


Sep 30, 1996 By Kathryn Jones

Wealthy school districts think they’ve found a way to shield millions of dollars from the state’s Robin Hood law. Are they about to get malled?

Topic A
America’s Marketer

Sep 30, 1996 By Paul Burka

The Dallas Cowboys began the season struggling on the scoreboard, but they’ve continued to score big on the balance sheet. In a coup reminiscent of his deals with Pepsi and Nike, owner Jerry Jones has made an as-yet unannounced deal to designate Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation as the team’s official medical…

On Location
Next of Kinski

Sep 30, 1996 By Jordan Mackay

When she works in Texas, Berlin-born Nastassja Kinski brings a link to her native Europe. When she made Paris, Texas in 1984, her comrade was German director Wim Wenders; this time, it was Italian director Antonio Tibaldi. In August and September Kinski was in Austin shooting Little Boy Blue, the…

Hot Box
CD and Book Reviews

Sep 30, 1996 By Texas Monthly

Hot CDs Salt? Fat? Excess? You’ll get none of that from the women of Pork. On their second album, Slop (Emperor Jones/Trance Syndicate), the Austin trio gets maximum results from a minimalist approach. Like a modern-day Modern Lovers, the band has a simple, timeless garage-rock sound that thrives on a…

Trey McIntyre

Sep 30, 1996 By Shaila Dewan

Not long after he moved to Texas to enroll in the Houston Ballet Academy, Trey McIntyre discovered he wasn’t good enough to dance the classics. But that didn’t stop the six-foot-six Kansas native from towering above his peers. Recognizing his talent as a designer of dance pieces, the company’s artistic…


Reality Bytes

Sep 30, 1996 By Alexandra Biesada

Origin Systems founder Richard Garriott has sometimes lived his life like a computer game, but now that the multimedia industry is changing, he can’t play around anymore.

Quick-Change Artist

Sep 30, 1996 By Keith Kachtick

So what if consistency is the hallmark of the record business? As the chameleonlike career of Darden Smith suggests, you can go your own way.

Funny Papers

Sep 30, 1996 By Gary Cartwright

If you believe the Fort Worth Star-Telegram obituary that says Jaime Woodson was one of the great writers of this century, let me tell you about the Corbet Comets.

Peri, Trouper

Sep 30, 1996 By Ellise Pierce

Waco, Houston, Dallas, Austin, London, New York, Hollywood: Peri Gilpin was all over the map before finding stardom on NBC�s hit sitcom Frasier.


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Dale Evans

Sep 30, 1996 By Anne Dingus

LIKE COWBOYS AND INDIANS or steak and eggs, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans are a classic Western duo. Roy was raised in Duck Run, Ohio, but Dale is Texas’ own, born in Uvalde and raised in tiny Italy. From childhood she was determined to become an entertainer, and after false…

Paul In The Family

Sep 30, 1996 By Evan Smith

Anyone who knows executive editor Paul Burka would have a hard time imagining him as a cowboy, so perhaps it seems farfetched that he was the one to write this month’s story about the plight of a small working ranch in Uvalde (“Home on the Range”). “I’m a native…

Around the State
Around the State

Sep 30, 1996 By Texas Monthly

Mexico’s Ballet Folklórico steps lively (Dallas, Galveston, and San Antonio). Plus: the richness of Catalonian art (San Antonio); the brew-haha that is Oktoberfest (Fredericksburg); the keys to jazz piano (Austin, Houston, and San Antonio); and singing the praises of Gabriel García Márquez (Houston). Edited by Quita McMath, Erin Gromen,…

State Fare
State Fare

Jan 20, 2013 By Patricia Sharpe

Why does the grilled lamb loin at Austin’s Bitter End taste so good? Harissa explains it all.


Grilled Lamb Loin With Mint Harissa

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Recipe from The Bitter End, Austin. Lamb Loin 3 lamb loins, cleaned (lamb chops may be substituted; allow 2 to 3 per person, depending on size) salt and pepper to taste Season loin and cook on grill at high heat approximately 3 to 5 minutes per side. Note: Lamb…

Couscous Salad

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

2 cups uncooked couscous (13 to 14 ounces) 4 fresh apricots (or 8 dried) 1 small red onion 1 small red bell pepper 2 tablespoons fresh mint 1/4 cup golden raisins 1 lime (juice and zest) 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil salt…