March 1979



Mar 1, 1979 By Janice Rubin

If she’s your brother’s mother’s other female child, who is she?

Have Guns, Will Travel

Mar 1, 1979 By Jan Reid

Do you want a rare antique muzzle-loader or a holdup pistol that can’t be traced? You can find them both at a gun show.

The Texan and His Gun

Mar 1, 1979 By Jan Reid

In frontier Texas, guns helped bring civilization out of chaos; today they’re creating chaos out of civilization.

Hey Kid, Shape Up

Mar 1, 1979 By John Bloom

And Prairie View A&M will ship you out of the ghetto straight into the middle class.


Classical Music
Who Needs Jones Hall?

Mar 1, 1979 By W. L. Taitte

Austin and Corpus Christi like their symphony orchestras just fine, thank you. Texas Opera Theater tries to break the language barrier.

The Ice Cometh, Man

Mar 1, 1979 By Prudence Mackintosh

Trees came crashing down, power lines writhed on the ground, the lights went out, and the heat went off. It was Dallas’ trial by ice.

See No Evil

Mar 1, 1979 By W. L. Taitte

Dallas Theater Center welcomes Nazis to its stage. Houston’s Theatre Under the Stars turns Dickens into a funky musical.

Golden Oldies

Mar 1, 1979 By Michael Ennis

Look, but don’t touch-three museums with glittering antiques from Pompeii, India, and Peru.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Mar 1, 1979 By Paul Burka

Why doctors don’t like nurses anymore; where is the tax revolt?