February 1973



Air Today, Gone Tomorrow

Feb 1, 1973 By The Customer's Man

THEY DID IT TO ME again. Yesterday I bought my number one customer 500 shares of Continental Airlines at 231/4. The Dow-Jones was crossing 1,000, the airlines were strong and it looked like a good trade. Today the New York Stock Exchange delayed the opening of Continental Airlines due to…

Pack Up, Weekend Wanderers

Feb 1, 1973 By Richard West

ONCE UPON A TIME VACATIONS were like Christmas. Vacation was the once-a-year, eagerly awaited catharsis, the big pay-off for 50 weeks of bringing in the bread. Trouble was that after two weeks on the road with the family, two dogs and grape jelly smeared on the windows, you returned home…

Dallas Theater Center: Edifice Complex

Feb 1, 1973 By margozelie

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT HAD BRAGGED about his monument, “The Theater Center will mark the spot where Dallas once stood.” I had lived in Dallas for well over a month when I began to doubt the Center’s existence. Surely as I turned some new corner on my way to the donut…

Dining Out
Greenery Eatery

Feb 1, 1973 By Felicia Coates and Harriet Howle

THE HILLTOP HERB FARM WAS begun in 1957 as a retirement project for Madalene and Jim Hill. They intended to grow gladiolas for market and herbs for fun. Before long, friends urged them to explain the use of their herbs and spices in cooking. What began as demonstrations for friends…

Behind the Lines
Behind the Lines

Feb 1, 1973 By William Broyles

IF OUR READERS HAVE EVER finished the daily paper or the six o’clock news and felt there was more than what they were told, then they know why we started Texas Monthly. We designed it as an intelligent, entertaining and useful publication for Texans whose culture, sophistication and interests are…

European Class, American Cheek

Feb 1, 1973 By Judith Crist

LUIS BUNUEL’S THE DISCREET CHARM of the Bourgeoisie is a deliciously pungent concoction by the 72-year-old filmmaker and his young co-scenarist, Jean-Claude Carriere, that will set your spirits soaring and your mind aglow. Never before has this always fascinating artist been quite so tantalizing, so tongue-in-cheek and so deft in…

Dr. Pepper Mural
Understanding Dr Pepper

Jan 20, 2013 By leojanos

IN SPITE OF THE NEW expansion, it may be that Dr. Pepper still looks better coming from a 7-11 cooler than it does from behind a New York bar. When served at a recent private screening of a new film given by critic and gadabout Rex Reed, it was…


Briar Patch
Briar Patch

Feb 1, 1973 By Felicia Coates, Harriet Howle, William Broyles, Dave McNeely and Bill Brammer

HARD-SCRABBLE NOTES 1. The Once & Future Larry King A FEW YEARS AGO, IN a brief but characteristic moment of reflection, Larry King attempted a survey of all that he had mastered, and he was not greatly reassured. “Success and I are strangers,” he said. “Failure and I are such…

Briar Patch

Feb 1, 1973 By Gregory Curtis, Thorne Dreyer, Pat Reed and rosemarycatacolos

THE EARTH MOVED If an elderly gentleman approaches you in a bar and offers to bet the price of an evening’s drink that there is a connection between the surface temperature of Venus and Noah’s ark, you might be inclined to make the wager. But do not bet, my child,…

Loose Leaf
Loose Leaf

Feb 1, 1973 By Gregory Curtis

About the Author Debbie Deepsheet Takes a Dive, by Mary Margaret Wishey MISS WISHLEY LIVES IN NICE ‘n Rustic, Connecticut, with a pet ‘coon and her two nuns. She is presently at work on the third volume of the Debbie Deepsheet trilogy, titled Debbie Deepsheet, Astronaut. Miss Wishey hopes that…