March 1981 Issue



Danger Zones

What they don’t teach you in defensive driving courses: the most dangerous highways in Texas.


Speed Demons

State highway patrolmen hate the 55 mph speed limit almost as much as other Texas motorists do, and for better reasons.


Going Under

For a man and his daughter out for a pleasant day’s fishing, the first sign of danger was a man’s hat floating silently down the stream.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Sex in the classifieds; looking out for farmer’s welfare; everybody wants to be land commissioner; what ever happened to the tax revolt?…


Dining Out

China Towns

In San Antonio, everything that glitters is in the Golden Palace, where the food is as gaudy as the décor. Austin’s OMei China gives you a zap on the mouth.


Sins of the Fathers

Violence within the family tends not to be taken too seriously by the courts. But eventually that violence will burst loose to threaten us all.

Paper Cowboys

Southwest Fiction might make you think that the region is mostly metropolis and no mesquite. The Guadalupe Mountains of Texas hits a lot of high spots.


Ambassadors of Jazz

The late Lester Young is a past president of jazz, and his music still holds sway. Albums by other musicians get votes of confidence, too.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Uncle Same wants Texas prison reform; Ma Bell wants your news dollar; Governor Bill wants Mexican workers; killer mosquitoes want you.

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