September 1975


Mexico: An Introduction

Aug 31, 1975 By Texas Monthly

Four hundred and fifty years ago Texas was claimed for Spain by an adventurer who was washed ashore, naked and starving, on the beach at Galveston. Cabeza de Vaca was promptly made a slave by the vile, cannibalistic, and otherwise inhospitable Karankawa Indians. For the next 300 years (more than…




The Music Man

Aug 31, 1975 By W. L. Taitte

If James Dick has his way, the notes struck at Round Top will echo around the world.

All Systems Stop

Aug 31, 1975 By The Customer's Man

It used to be pretty hard to make money on the stock market but at least there were some things you could count on.

Dining In
The Wok Ethic

Aug 31, 1975 By Linda Eckhardt

If you’ve ever wondered why your Chinese friend says “chop-chop,” look to the kitchen.