September 2003


Big Shots

Aug 31, 2003 By Anne Dingus

In the sixties, when stars like the Beatles, Dinah Shore, and Marlene Dietrich descended on Dallas, Peggie and John Mazziotta captured them on film.

Love Thy Self-Help

Aug 31, 2003 By Skip Hollandsworth

America's notoriously needy readers certainly do—and for the robust health of this publishing genre, they have Dallas in general and Phil McGraw's agent in particular to thank.

Lip Shtick

Jan 20, 2013 By Pamela Colloff

There are countless theories about why Dallas women are so crazy about makeup, but there's something approaching a consensus about the place to buy it. Which is why, against all odds, I found myself at the NorthPark Center Neiman's.



Straight Talk

Aug 31, 2003 By Katy Vine

SUPER MODEL Jerry Hall will be performing the role of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate September 17­21 in Austin and September 23­October 5 in Houston. Was modeling your first job? Did you ever have to sell shoes or anything like that? Yeah, I worked at the Dairy Queen and…

Tune In

Aug 31, 2003 By Katy Vine

TAKE IT OUTSIDE There’s almost no substitute for an Austin City Limits taping. For starters, it’s free. Throw in the gratis drinks, the intimate setting, and the impressive acts, and it can’t be beat as a night on the town, even if the show is recorded on a studio set…

A Great Weekend In Houston

Aug 31, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

CRASH COURSE True Renaissance men (or perhaps today we should say “Renaissance people”) spend years mastering their broad-ranging interests. But for us wannabes, the Bayou City offers a shortcut to enlightenment the weekend of September 19-21. Well-roundedness 101 starts on Friday with a lesson in art. The Blaffer Gallery examines…


Aug 31, 2003 By Patricia McConnico

FAIR PLAY A little town to the west of Dallas gets a lot of ink in the national press for its stellar museums—and rightfully so. But Big D has its share of institutions that deserve recognition too. And this month you’ll discover there’s a lot to look at. Begin at…


Word of Mouth

Aug 31, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

A GOOD SIGN After preparing for an academic career, Houston native Scott Tycer decided instead to do what he loved: cook. He set his sights on owning his own restaurant by age thirty, a feat he accomplished by thirty and a half. Three years later, Aries is thriving in Houston,…

Fair’s Fair

Aug 31, 2003 By Anne Dingus

The State Fair has seen it all, from a model of the Washington Monument made entirely out of human teeth to a visit by King Olaf V of Norway on Norweigian Day.

Season’s Eatings

Aug 31, 2003 By Patricia Sharpe

FIRE AND ICE Autumn will arrive on September 23 and fall fashions have been in the stores forever, but as usual, the thermometer might as well be hanging in a sauna. What to do? Have the season-spanning drink known as an affogato—a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of…

Steak Tataki with Citrus Ponzu

Aug 31, 2003 By Patricia Sharpe

Steak Tataki with Citrus Ponzu Recipe by Kent Rathbun, Abacus Executive Chef/Owner Serving Size:8 Preparation Time:1:30 STEAK 2 pounds sirloin steak — fat removed 8 cloves garlic — minced 6 each shallot — minced 1/4 cup tamari soy sauce 2 ounces ginger — peeled & minced…

Pegaso Café Mexicano y Taquería

Aug 31, 2003 By Patricia Sharpe

HORSING AROUND My latest favorite spot for a cheap date is Pegaso Café Mexicano y Taquería, a bustling eat-and-run place in the heart of Dallas’ downtown financial district. At breakfast and lunch, this retro-hip creation of local restaurateur Monica Greene is all business. You line up, place your entrée…

Happy Trails

Aug 31, 2003 By Stacy Hollister

Until I went biking at Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway, I had never heard of the little town of Quitaque, where life is slow and people like it that way.

Lobster Scallion Shooters

Aug 31, 2003 By Patricia Sharpe

DUMPLINGS 2 ounces sesame oil 4 cloves garlic — minced 2 each shallot — minced 1 stalk lemongrass — minced 2 ounces ginger — peeled and minced 1 pound lobster meat — chopped fine 1/4 cup tamari soy sauce 2 tablespoons sambal chili…

Web Exclusive
Metro Editor

Aug 31, 2003 By Paul Burka

Senior executive editor Paul Burka talks about this month's special issue on Dallas.


Everybody Loves Ray

Aug 31, 2003 By Michael Ennis

As in Nasher, and everybody should. His $70 million sculpture center is the most eagerly anticipated arts opening in Dallas' history.

Food and Drink
The Fusion Thing

Aug 31, 2003 By Patricia Sharpe

Don't make the mistake I did in assuming that Dallas dining is a white-bread world. This is the Latin Century, and these days Big D is all about Nuevo Latino.

All’s Fair

Aug 31, 2003 By Anne Dingus

For 117 years, the State Fair of Texas has been part parade, part carnival, part livestock show, part museum—and all fun.

Pilot Error

Aug 31, 2003 By S. C. Gwynne

Wondering what American Airlines CEO Don Carty was thinking when his plan to save the company blew up in his face? I certainly was. So I went to see him.

Behind the Lines
Sizzle and Stakes

Aug 31, 2003 By Paul Burka

Dallas mayor Laura Miller is hungry to take on the big problems facing the city.