December 1994 Issue

Ladybird and Lyndon B. Johnson sitting with their children.
On the Cover

Lady Bird Looks Back

Frank talk about LBJ’s life, JFK’s death, the promise of Hillary Clinton, the perils of Oliver North—and more.



State Fare: Citrus Cheesecake and Chocolate–Grand Marnier Truffles

Forget the figgy pudding. The centerpiece of your party table for the holidays should be this voluptuous cheesecake from Houston’s Sierra Grill.Chef Charles Watkins has taken an everyday dessert and turned it into something special, its texture as lush as velvet, the density firm without being heavy. But what raises



War Games

Finally, a toymaker that isn’t just kidding around: A new Alamo playset gets things right.


Texas Sayings

Forget that Roget fella—here in Texas we’re more apt to consult Bubba’s thesaurus. In Texas, folks aren’t just rich—locals say they didn’t come to town two to a mule.Someone doesn’t merely die—she opens herself up a worm farm. A scoundrel is “greasy as fried lard”; a summer day is

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