February 1985


My Life As a Drunk

Feb 1, 1985 By peterb

It may be hard to believe that you can drink two fifths a day and not only function but function well. But I did it. For a while.

The Last Roundup

Feb 1, 1985 By Gary Cartwright

“When the cowboys on the 06 ranch talked about losing a way of life, they often pointed to their neighbor, Clayton Williams, as an example of what they meant. He was a millionaire and an oilman, and he represented everything they hated.”



State Secrets

Feb 1, 1985 By Paul Burka

What’s the point at the Dallas Museum of Art? What does $25 oil mean for Houston? Hush, Gib. James Baker’s new job is a labor of love.



Feb 1, 1985 By Peter Applebome

Beauteous burgers in Bells and Springlake; tough times in Tyler; ringside raving in Fort Worth; avid aspirations in Lubbock.