February 1985


Leaving the Bottle Behind

Feb 1, 1985 By John Davidson

Like any disease, alcoholism has specific symptoms. Like many religions, drying-out programs require abstinence, blind faith, and confession.

My Life As a Drunk

Feb 1, 1985 By peterb

It may be hard to believe that you can drink two fifths a day and not only function but function well. But I did it. For a while.

The Last Roundup

Feb 1, 1985 By Gary Cartwright

“When the cowboys on the 06 ranch talked about losing a way of life, they often pointed to their neighbor, Clayton Williams, as an example of what they meant. He was a millionaire and an oilman, and he represented everything they hated.”


Classical Music
Strummin’ On the Old Gamba

Feb 1, 1985 By W. L. Taitte

Using antique and original instruments like the viola da gamba, the Texas Baroque Ensemble is making Garland the place to hear early music in Texas.

Eavesdropping On History

Feb 1, 1985 By James Whitaker

Max Crawford’s Lords of the Plain is a convincing tale of cavalry and Indians; Thomas McGuane’s Something to Be Desired is an insightful cowtown comedy.

Sterling Surls

Feb 1, 1985 By Michael Ennis

With his rough-hewn sculptures that speak to mankind’s most basic needs, James Surls is fast becoming the dean of Texas art.

Wilds of the Soul

Feb 1, 1985 By James Wolcott

Mrs. Soffel weaves a tale of love and damnation; A Passage to India is a smooth, brocaded expedition; The Cotton Club offers pomp by the bale.



Feb 1, 1985 By Texas Monthly

Getting ready for February’s red-letter day.

State Secrets
State Secrets

Feb 1, 1985 By Paul Burka

What’s the point at the Dallas Museum of Art? What does $25 oil mean for Houston? Hush, Gib. James Baker’s new job is a labor of love.

Roar of the Crowd
Roar of the Crowd

Feb 1, 1985 By Texas Monthly

Contemplating marriage; speaking up for Houston; deciphering Texas myths; transplanting Austin’s airport.



Feb 1, 1985 By Peter Applebome

Beauteous burgers in Bells and Springlake; tough times in Tyler; ringside raving in Fort Worth; avid aspirations in Lubbock.