August 1979 Issue



Ask Jett Rink

Straight talk about gasoline supplies, prices, and profits from Texas’ most famous wildcatter.


The Throwdown

Houston police said they shot Randy Webster because he pointed a gun at them. Randy’s father set out to prove they were lying.


Paradise Lost

The sand, the surf, the shorebirds, the dunes…everyone loves the beach at Port Aransas. We may just love it to death.



Pennant Fever

At midseason, long-suffering Astros and Rangers fans were having visions of grandeur. We hope they weren’t delusions.

Classical Music

Who Needs Nelson Eddy?

Houston Grand Opera’s spring festival of operettas proved that golden-voiced, handsome men aren’t out of style. Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Mahler festival had its good days and its bad days.


Let My People Pray

Were the words of Russian exile Georgi Vins heard over the din of the Southern Baptist Convention?…



Texas Monthly Reporter

Valley politicos block minority TV; Dairy Queens reign in small-town Texas; woman diver yearns for Acapulco cliffs; Houston takes its lumps.

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