October 1987


A Cross to Bear

Sep 30, 1987 By Drew Jubera

Three recent scandals in the Methodist church are forcing it to do some serious soul-searching.

The Double Life of Finis Crutchfield

Sep 30, 1987 By Emily Yoffe

The bishop denied until the end that he got AIDS from homosexual contact. But the furor that resulted from his death has opened the door on his life as a gay man.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Sep 30, 1987 By Paul Burka

What’s black and white and kenaf all over? EDS finds gold in California politics; Texas banks show no mercy for S&Ls; the Fort Worth City Council feels neglected

The National Tour of Texas

Sep 30, 1987 By Dick Reavis

Across pastoral northeast Texas, where Baptists debate the niceties of immersion, truckers and hookers turn the airwaves blue, and bass have their private lives laid bare by electronic snooping.


Beating the Elusive Red Drum

Sep 30, 1987 By Joe Nick Patoski

What sport requires cunning, stamina, skill, and a fondess for sloshing aroound in the muck? Why, fishing for reds off the coast of Texas, of course.

Novel Approach

Sep 30, 1987 By Jan Reid

Three novelists discover that a Texas connection need not be a tie that binds.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Sep 30, 1987 By Alison Cook

Cities in search of salvation; the new White House (as in Mark); the art of double-Daryled potshots; chile time in El Paso; chile relleno time in Houston.