August 1999


The Blood of the Tigua

Jul 31, 1999 By Pamela Colloff

Officially, the issue tearing apart the West Texas' largest native American tribe is one of lineage. Who is and is not a member. But the real dispute is over money—earned in unimaginable amounts at the casino on their reservation and coveted by rival factions willing to risk everything.

His Fantastic Four

Jul 31, 1999 By Patricia Kilday Hart

Meet the superheroes of George W. Bush’s campaign for the presidency: a quartet of brainy advisers who are helping him to refine and sell his ideas on the economy, foreign policy, and the like.


Jul 31, 1999 By Michael Hall

How serial killer Rafael Resendez-Ramirez struck fear in the hearts of the men and women of Weimar, a tiny Texas town that will never be the same.

Alone Together

Jul 31, 1999 By Jan Jarboe Russell

No one denies that there was love at the center of Lady Bird Johnson’s marriage to LBJ. But like Hillary Clinton, she endured quite a bit, spousally speaking, as her husband’s star was on the rise.

Speed, Queen

Jul 31, 1999 By Anne Dingus

Austin painter Julie Speed is the latest ascendant to the ranks of art royalty. Talk about a brush with greatness.


Color Commentary

Jul 31, 1999 By Jeff McCord

With this year’s induction of Seguin native Smokey Joe Williams, one fourth of the Negro Leaguers in baseball’s hall of fame are Texans. Unfortunately, there may not be any more.

Jandek and Me

Jul 31, 1999 By Katy Vine

Why is he a cult hero to deejays and record collectors— and why is he such a recluse? I wanted to know, so I tried to find him. And I did, in an upscale Houston neighborhood. And we drank beer.

Earth Quake

Jul 31, 1999 By John Ratliff

After the killings at Columbine, the world looked disapprovingly at a computer game created in Mesquite. Die-hard players would not be moved.

First Person
’Night, Mother

Jul 31, 1999 By Spike Gillespie

There’s always at least one man in my life: my eight-year-old son, Henry. Sometimes, however, there are two, and that’s when things get complicated.


John Patrick White

Jul 31, 1999 By Katy Vine

Aspiring actors take note: Getting started in the film industry requires flexibility. “I’ve played a zombie, I’ve played an alien, and I’ve played a lot of nerds,” says John Patrick White. Unlike most performers, however, the 26-year-old Houston native has never had to play the real-life role of working stiff.

Low Talk
Bad News

Jul 31, 1999 By Evan Smith

Does the Dallas Morning News discriminate? Plus: Bill Clinton between the covers.

Hot Box
CD and Book Reviews

Jul 31, 1999 By Texas Monthly

CDs by Doctors’ Mob and the American Analog Set, plus a tribute to Bob Wills; booksby James Lee Burke and Louise Redd.


Meet the Pres?

Jul 31, 1999 By Texas Monthly

CONGRATULATIONS TO TEXAS MONTHLY for your comprehensive look at the life and times of Governor Bush [“Who Is George W. Bush?” June 1999]. I don’t want to diminish an otherwise outstanding effort, but despite your careful fact checking, the articles included a couple of misrepresentations I feel obligated to…

Texas Primer
Sharon Tate

Jul 31, 1999 By Anne Dingus

On which two sitcoms did Sharon Tate have a guest-starring role?

Around the State
Around the State

Jul 31, 1999 By Texas Monthly

The Johnson Space Center in Houston puts on an open house that’s out of this world. Plus: A Graves undertaking at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont; Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston give their regards to Broadway; we’re Floored by a storied dance hall in Helotes; and the gloves go on at the World Amateur Boxing Championships in Houston.

State Fare
State Fare

Jan 20, 2013 By Patricia Sharpe

Remembrance of things pasta: The capellini salad from Dallas’ Nana Grill will live on in your memory.


Cool Seafood Pasta Salad

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

1 cup dry white wine, more if necessary 30 fresh clams, scrubbed 30 fresh mussels, scrubbed and bearded 30 medium to large shrimp, shelled and deveined, tails on (for a heartier dish, use more shrimp) 2 cups balsamic vinegar 1 pound uncooked capellini (angel-hair…