September 1981 Issue



The Bulls of Commerce

Raised in hardscrabble fiberglass factories, these cattle came to Texas cities to make shoppers feel like cowboys.


Gone To Texas

Thousands of people from the North, broke and out of work, are streaming into the state. This is the true story of two of them who abandoned Detroit for Houston, learned about cockroaches, tacos, and freeways, and finally discovered happiness in broken air conditioners.


Country Notes

Lord of the Flies

Fly-fishing is a particularly fastidious way of trying to fool a fish, but it’s also a particularly pleasant one.

Classical Music

Sixteen Strings

As befits masterpieces, Beethoven’s string quartets have been recorded a hundred times. Our trusty critic guides the novice through a maze of choices.


Hot and Bothered

In Body Heat a lust-befuddled lawyer fails to notice that his lover is setting him up for murder. The spy plot and love story of Under the Rainbow pale next to the sideshow attraction of 150 dwarfs. Endless Love only seems endless. Victory scores some points.


Cattle Call

Trial by jury is a right most people charged with a crime never get to exercise. Instead, they accept a quicker, less risky alternative: the plea bargain.


State Secrets

State Secrets

What the future holds for artificial hearts, utility customers, Phil Gramm, and the Republican party.




Four great Texas discoveries: world-class barbecue in Taylor, gold fever in Brock, psychic delvings in San Antonio, historical triage in Canyon.

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