July 1983


And Yet the Dream Endures

Jun 30, 1983 By Joseph Nocera

Don’t give up! There’s still money to be made finding oil. Up in Graham the Creswells are striking it rich with the help of Jesus and, er, creekology.

Ask Jett Rink

Jun 30, 1983 By Texas Monthly

The quintessential wildcatter fills you in on free enterprise and Texas after oil.

Oilman Jack Young
The Gambler

Jun 30, 1983 By Joseph Nocera

Jack Young was the eighties’ oil boom in the flesh. Unfortunately, he also personifies the aftermath of the bust.


Classical Music
Those Raucous Babylonians

Jun 30, 1983 By W. L. Taitte

This spring both of Texas’ top symphonies staged the late William Walton’s Belshazzar’s Fest. Dallas held back, but Houston made merry with the splashy biblical spectacle.

A Knell for Eric

Jun 30, 1983 By Jan Reid

An Abilene man recalls the pluck and pain of his stricken son in This Is the Child. An El Paso professor creates a lovably uncool detective in Dancing Bear. An Austin meteorologist blows hot on Texas Weather.

Lady on the Edge

Jun 30, 1983 By Michael Ennis

Photographer Carlotta Corpron moved to Denton in 1935, and the burst of avant-garde work she produced is, so far, unsurpassed in Texas.

Wookiees on Parade

Jun 30, 1983 By James Wolcott

Return of the Jedi is a star shower of new creatures and old favorites that leaves you wowed but underwhelmed. Breathless is suffocating. WarGanes starts out with a bang and ends with a whimper. Flashdance has a certain twinkle.

Jazz in Camouflage

Jun 30, 1983 By Doug Ramsey

The music of tenor saxman John Handy is rooted in Texas and the blues, and he uses his distinctive sound to lure more listeners to jazz.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Jun 30, 1983 By Paul Burka

Briscoe’s beef; new wave health care; a bright idea for Houston Lighting & Power; the case of the lagging law school.