July 1973 Issue



The Big Thicket Tangle

Take 3 million acres, add politicians, lumber companies and Time, Inc., and what have you got? A very small park, or no park at all.

Inside The Lobby

These veterans of endless smoke-filled rooms and committee sessions do more to shape state government than most elected officials. They're not all bad, but they're not all good, either.


Briar Patch

Briar Patch

TUBAL LIBATIONS FORMALS WORN BRALESS. SMILES GOING the full count. ‘Hair done’ and flown in for the occasion. Rosalind Russell doing an inspired Bert Parks. What more could a mother of four or a young career girl or a grandma want? All of us females were glued to the…

Briar Patch


Fiddle-Faddle Fiddler’s festival? A hillside field and a lake would be the perfect setting. But now they’ve covered it over with a shopping center and a parking lot. Seminary South isn’t country heaven, but it’s all right for a shopping center—it has lots of grass and flowers and trees…


Behind the Lines

Behind the Lines

TWO MONTHS AGO IN OUR story “Sex and Politics” we took an affectionate, if irreverent, look at a side of our political traditions that is as old as politics itself, but which has rarely been discussed in public. This month we wrap up the latest session of the Texas Legislature…

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