February 1974


Go You Wildcats, Go!

Jan 31, 1974 By Whit Canning

Even though Wheatley High's last teamful of stars got snapped up by eager colleges, winning is such a habit there that they just might keep on doing it.

The Best Worst TV in Texas

Jan 31, 1974 By Gregory Curtis

Fires, murders, robberies, assaults, highway accidents: they happen every day in the city, and what happens every day is big news on San Antonio TV.


Of Nebbishes and Kings

Jan 31, 1974 By Judith Crist

Whether evading the law, loosening the bonds of marriage, or traveling to the future, escape is the watchword for this group of films.

Children's Corner
Getting Out

Jan 31, 1974 By Prudence Mackintosh

Securing the Perfect Babysitter isn't always possible, but there are some alternatives.



Jan 31, 1974 By Texas Monthly

Everybody, Sing! If you always wanted to sing with an orchestra but no conductor ever asked you, plan to be at “The Sing,” Houston’s bright new community sing-along. “The Sing” is for anyone who wants to sing the world’s great choral favorites (yes, of course, the Hallelujah Chorus is…

Briar Patch
Briar Patch

Jan 31, 1974 By Gregory Curtis and Wendy Meyer

WELL, I’LL BE A DIRTY BIRD The two Kids Kounty stores in Houston (think of the confusion had they been named Cids County) are the result of an original merchandising idea of the Lachman Rose Company. The stores are large windowless boxes each containing about 34,000 square feet of…