October 1981 Issue


Losing Big

Everybody knows the story about the young Texan who goes into business, works hard, and makes millions. But what happens when his luck runs out?

Around the State

Dallas Cowboys Wide Receivers

Throw It to Me!

Drew Pearson, Tony Hill, and Butch Johnson are wide receivers for the Dallas Cowboys—in other words, they’re artists, egomaniacs, fierce competitors, and the heart of the team.



Smitten Kittens

The lovers in The French Lieutenant’s Woman are just this side of maudlin, but the movie itself is harder to take than they are.

Waste Makes Money

In With No Fear of Failure you’ll learn how you, too, can turn rags into riches. Daddy’s Girl knows Southern discomfort. Petroleum Politics and the Texas Railroad Commission is the history of our own little OPEC.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Raising cain over Sam Houston’s house; searching for the face that will sell a million blue jeans; going bust in the refinery business.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Muse’s shaky takeoff; Mark White on the sport; Bob Bullock’s special grace; aging Texas money.

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