By Michael Hardy

In Harris County, two public officials fought off legal challenges to hold a successful election in the middle of a pandemic.

From the January 2021 Issue


barry corbin
The Seven Ages of Barry Corbin

Dec 16, 2020 By Michael Hall

Barry Corbin got a funny look in his eye. “All the world’s a stage,” he intoned, leaning forward and peering at me, “and all the men and women merely players.” His deep, familiar drawl followed the cadence of Shakespeare’s words. “They have their exits and their entrances, / And each man…

The State

January 2021: Roar of the Crowd

Dec 16, 2020 By Texas Monthly

Do the Right Thing I enjoy your articles each month, until it comes to your political writing. “Elephant Tricks,” from the elections coverage in your November issue, illustrates my concerns best. The article explains how the Republicans will continue to be wrong, not what they’ve done…