December 1989



Dec 1, 1989 By Mimi Swartz

Houston’s West University area was just a quiet, unpretentious neighborhood until the bulldozers moved in. Now everyone’s trying to keep up with the Georgians.

Liz and Me

Dec 1, 1989 By josephchamilton

Memories of the filming of Giant in Marfa, as recalled by a fan who had the best seat in the house.

The All-American Crooks

Dec 1, 1989 By Dana Rubin

Football players at Dallas’ Carter High had it all: god futures, a state championship, and the feeling that they could do no wrong. The trouble was, their favorite hobbies were guns and holdups.

Wild Forever

Dec 1, 1989 By Stephen Harrigan

Once the private preserve of an oil executive, the 300,000-acre Bid Bend Ranch, with all its desert grandeur, has now entered the public domain. Photography by Mark Klett


State Secrets
Courting Disaster

Dec 1, 1989 By Paul Burka

Bill Clements and the courts head for a showdown over school finance; the boom in engineering may be over; wisdom from the Whitmire win.

Roar of the Crowd
Voices of East Texas

Dec 1, 1989 By Texas Monthly

Remembering a special place; rethinking the political process; working toward a humane society.


Irreconcilable Differences

Dec 1, 1989 By Joe Nick Patoski

An airport spat rekindles the Dallas-Fort Worth feud; South Plains farmers cotton to a colorful high-fiber crop; Houston artists collaborate to wish everyone Feliz Navidad.


Popular Music
Black to Basics

Dec 1, 1989 By John Morthland

Newcomer of the year Clint Black plays tributes to early country music—with an unintentional Texas twist.

Continental Drift

Dec 1, 1989 By Suzanne Winckler

Five beautifully produced books explore the Americas, from anonymous folk art to the great muralists, from revolutionary heroes to a Texas ranching patriarch.

Images at War

Dec 1, 1989 By Michael Ennis

A Fort Worth exhibit of scenes from the Mexican War shows that fanciful lithographs outgunned the realism of nascent photography.