December 1989 Issue

On the Cover

Wild Forever

Once the private preserve of an oil executive, the 300,000-acre Big Bend Ranch, with all its desert grandeur, has now entered the public domain.



State Secrets

Courting Disaster

Bill Clements and the courts head for a showdown over school finance; the boom in engineering may be over; wisdom from the Whitmire win.



Irreconcilable Differences

An airport spat rekindles the Dallas-Fort Worth feud; South Plains farmers cotton to a colorful high-fiber crop; Houston artists collaborate to wish everyone Feliz Navidad.


Continental Drift

Five beautifully produced books explore the Americas, from anonymous folk art to the great muralists, from revolutionary heroes to a Texas ranching patriarch.


Images at War

A Fort Worth exhibit of scenes from the Mexican War shows that fanciful lithographs outgunned the realism of nascent photography.

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