May 1984


Out of Action

Apr 30, 1984 By Jan Reid

He was an aggressive cop with one of the toughest beats in Dallas. But after fourteen years and another killing, the department took him off the street and slapped him behind a desk.

High Noon at the Circle C

Apr 30, 1984 By Gary Cartwright

Gary Bradley, a hot young land speculator inn Austin, was in the middle of a $50 million deal when he ran into an outraged environmental movement and a lobbyist with some powerful clients. The fight was on.


Just Friends

Apr 30, 1984 By Peter Applebome

The story of Lenell Geter’s release from prison is unfinished without the tale of the conservative engineers who stuck their necks out to help a friend in trouble.

Uncivil Wars

Apr 30, 1984 By John Davidson

Civil Wars is armed with first-rate writing; Free Agents is a grab bag of Max Apple’s short fiction; Edisto is a precocious first novel; Group Therapy doesn’t probe deeply enough; Lords of the Earth is yet another Texas oil saga.

Cheetah! Fetch Tarzan New Script

Apr 30, 1984 By James Wolcott

In Greystoke, neither Tarzan nor the audience gets to have any fun; Moscow on the Hudson takes a wonderful comedy and runs; Racing With the Moon is nostalgic and sure, but the plot comes undone.


State Secrets

Apr 30, 1984 By Paul Burka

Why Mark White wishes he’d never heard of H. Ross Perot; a new lawsuit threatens to play havoc with local schools; one last word (we promise) about yuppies; seems like politics as usual at UT.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 30, 1984 By Alison Cook

A nuclear quandary in West Texas; the fine art of political feuding in San Antonio; the redfish ranching business in Monahans; the education of a power broker in training in Houston.