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June 1993


Postage Due

May 31, 1993 By Anne Dingus

Who cares if Elvis was king? It’s time for stamps honoring Lyndon, Janis, and other Texas royalty.

You Lose!

May 31, 1993 By Robert Draper

Scratch the surface of the Texas Lottery and you’ll find political opportunism, a cynical marketing campaign, and endless hype.

One Last Shot

Jan 20, 2013 By Gary Cartwright

Decades after his family controlled Galveston’s liquor and gambling, 89-year-old Vic Maceo is clinging to his gangster past—and to his pistol.


Mango-Jicama Salsa

May 31, 1993 By Texas Monthly

1/2 cup shredded jicama 1/2 cup chopped mango 2 tablespoons lime juice 2 tablespoons fresh-squeezed orange juice 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro 1 jalapeño, seeded and finely chopped Salt to taste 1 tablespoon vegetable oil Mix ingredients in glass bowl with wooden spoon, adding…

Adobo Sauce

May 31, 1993 By Texas Monthly

6 ancho chiles 10 pasilla chiles 2 cups hot water 1 1-inch cinnamon stick 5 whole cloves 6 black peppercorns 1/4 teaspoon thyme 1/4 teaspoon marjoram 1/4 teaspoon cumin 6 cloves garlic, peeled 2 tablespoons mild white vinegar 2…

Little Boats de la Noche

May 31, 1993 By Texas Monthly

Little Boats 1 pound skinless snapper filet 2 cups adobo sauce (see recipe, below) 1/2 cup chopped cilantro 1/2 cup chopped onion 12 corn husks (tamale-style) Cut snapper filet into strips approximately 1/4 inch by 2 inches. Marinate strips in adobo sauce for 5 minutes. Remove…



Little Boats de la Noche

May 31, 1993 By Patricia Sharpe

For millennia, Mexican people have used corn husks as cooking vessels. Alan Mallett, the executive chef at Houston’s Cafe Noche, has adapted the technique for the restaurant’s signature Little Boats because, he says, the ingredients “steam in their own juices and retain all their flavor and texture.” Three variations on…