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January 20, 2013

Little Boy Lost

From the moment he first held a guitar pick, Charlie Sexton was said to be on the road to stardom, but high praise and high cheekbones haven’t kept him from stumbling along the way.

Food & Drink|
January 20, 2013

Vietnamese Restaurants

AustinSaigon Kitchen, 9200 N. Lamar, 512-837-9910. This modest-looking restaurant’s bracing hot-and-sour soup was filled with shrimp, pineapple, celery, tomato, okra, noodles, and anise. Vermicelli with rice-paper pancakes that were more like omelettes came with grilled pork, fish sauce, and a platter frilly lettuce, cilantro, cucumbers, and mint. Tender frogs’ legs

Food & Drink|
January 20, 2013

Vietnamese Grocery Stores

Most of the specialty items needed to prepare Vietnamese recipes can be found at the following Asian and Vietnamese groceries.AustinLien, Huong Oriental Market, 8610 N. Lamar, 512-835-9618. My Thanh Oriental Market, 7435 N. Lamar, 454-4804. Say Hi, 5249 Burnet Road, 453-1411.DallasAsian Grocery, 9191 Forest Lane, 214-235-3038. Laos Store, 4536 Bryan,

June 30, 1995

Family Plot

For Dallas writer Carlton Stowers, Sins of the Son is more than just another true crime story. The son is his own.

April 1, 1995

A Fan’s Notes

For sixty years, Austinite Raymond Daum befriended Hollywood’s biggest stars. Now he’s selling off his memories.

December 1, 1994

Best-Case Scenario

To win a high-profile these days, you need to hire a jury consultant. Galveston's Robert Hirschhorn is one of the best.

March 1, 1994

A Whole New Ball Game

Once, the fight for funding and attention in college sports pitted women against men. Today, with women’s sports commanding greater respectability, it’s also women versus women, and the fight is uglier.

July 31, 1993

Stink Big

The sour odor of calf chips from an Erath County feedlot has one family crying foul.

June 30, 1993

Broiling Over

Propane producers and the Railroad commission want us to retire the charcoal grill.

June 30, 1993

Movie Mac

Houston’s Mattress Mac is making a comfortable living as a film producer.

May 31, 1993

Water Foul

As the Guadalupe overflows with tourists, locals battle over managing crowds.

April 30, 1993

Land Grab

In a historic move, the state claims co-ownership of some Brazos Valley farms.

April 1, 1993

Hog Wild

Houston’s young execs take to the streets on a fleet of shiny Harleys.

March 1, 1993

Novel Twist

A big new Dallas bookstore with amenities is a hit with the reading public.

December 1, 1992


The biggest, most boisterous Radio Shack in the universe lands in Arlington.

December 1, 1992

Seed Fee

Cottonseed was delicious and nutritious, but it was only for cows—until now.

December 1, 1992

Bombs Away

The Pantex H-bomb plant prepares to mothball the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Texas History|
November 1, 1992

Cowboy Texas Randall

Old-timers around Canon recall that in 1959, when Harry Wheeler erected the seven-ton concrete-and-stucco cowboy outside his trading post and curio shop, he had to bring in a truck and crane from a local drilling company to set the big galoot on his feet. Towering over U.S. 60, Tex Randall

November 1, 1992

Java Jive

“WE CATER TO REAL COFFEE drinkers,” says seventy-year old Joseph Fertitta, the president of Beaumont’s Texas Coffee Company and son of the founder. Texas’ only family-owned Coffee-manufacturing company has been perking along with its Seaport brand since 1921, competing in the national market by virtue of its product’s prodigious strength.

Texas History|
August 31, 1992

Johnny’s Round Top

Johnny’s Round Top cafe had a colorful history that spanned more than fifty years before the restaurant went out of business in 1989. Built by a franchiser who was partial to rotating roofs that looked like circus tents, the Round Top in Big Spring was one of a modest chain

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