August 2004


Dad vs. the Dress Code

Jul 31, 2004 By Elizabeth Crook

In 1971 I wore hip-huggers and other clothes appropriate to the times. This did not please the superintendent of the San Marcos public schools, and his displeasure did not please my father.

The Daughter Also Rises

Jul 31, 2004 By S. C. Gwynne

Her mom dissed his dad. He defeated her mom. Now Cecile Richards is helping lead the charge to send him—that would be the president of the United States—back to Texas. Nothing personal, mind you.

The Man With the Plan

Jul 31, 2004 By Jan Reid and Lou Dubose

You probably know that Tom DeLay spearheaded the massive—and massively controversial— congressional redistricting effort that tied Texas legislators in knots for one regular and three special sessions. What you probably don’t know is how he did it. Herein lies a tale.

Bombshells Away

Jul 31, 2004 By Katharyn Rodemann

In this summer of D-day nostalgia, we pause to remember the unsung heroines of World War II: the pinup girls painted on the noses of B-24's and other planes for luck and inspiration. Some of the most colorful artwork is on permanent display in Midland. Permission to view it granted.

Wheels of Fortune

Jan 20, 2013 By John Spong

For automakers in the U.S. and overseas, Texas is the very best market for the pickup truck. And for Texans, the pickup truck is the very best vehicle—if only for what it says about who we are. Or who we'd like to be.


First in Flight

Jul 31, 2004 By Katy Vine

Brandon Hughey didn't ask to be a celebrity. All the San Angelo­born soldier wanted was to avoid fighting what he considered an unjust war. So he fled to Canada—and now the private's every move is public.


Hep Cat

Jul 31, 2004 By Katharyn Rodemann

Big lips, wiry whiskers, a questionable lifestyle: The catfish is like that distant uncle at your family reunion—peculiar-looking, a little shady, and uninspiring at mealtime. Relegated to the culinary backwaters as a bottom feeder, even deemed unkosher for its scaleless body, the fish with the Fu Manchu mustache was long…

Web Exclusive

Jul 31, 2004 By Charlie Llewellin

Musician Ian McLagan survived the British rock explosion of the sixties. Now he lives in Austin, a place he loves to call home.

Fireside Pies

Jul 31, 2004 By Patricia Sharpe

What, me praise a pizzeria? Two months ago I would have questioned my sanity. But that was before I discovered distinctly un-cheesy Dallas newcomer Fireside Pies. This place has the right stuff: crisp, hand-stretched crusts, classy toppings, substantial salads, and a list of wines that you actually want to…

Happy Trails
Happy Trails

Jul 31, 2004 By Stacy Hollister

Sight-seeing and a little bit of history made for a fine weekend in the Rio Grande Valley.

DMT’s Blackberry Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake

Jul 31, 2004 By Texas Monthly

Recipe by Dawn Michelle Thomas, Fireside Pies, Dallas Cheesecake Base 2 1/2 pounds cream cheese, soft 2 1/2 cups sugar 1 vanilla bean, split and seeded 7 eggs 1 cup sour cream In a stand up mixer, whip cream cheese for 6 minutes on medium-high speed.

Web Exclusive
Our Hero

Jul 31, 2004 By Amber Byfield

My grandmother sat down to tell me a story she hadn't told in years. It turned out to be the greatest tale I've ever heard.

Web Exclusive
Digging It

Jul 31, 2004 By Lauren Smith

Contributing photographer Wyatt McSpadden, who took this month's cover image, discusses working with David Carr and helping create the Cadillac Ranch.

Web Exclusive
Good Riddance

Jul 31, 2004 By Lauren Smith

Senior editor Anne Dingus talks about collecting, a cast- iron safe, and eBay.

Web Exclusive
Drawing the Lines

Jul 31, 2004 By Lauren Smith

Writer-at-large Patricia Kilday Hart on redistricting and what this next election will tell us about Texans and party labels.

Texas Tidbits
Texas Tidbits

Jul 31, 2004 By costacaloudas

School uniforms used to be strictly for preparatory schools, but now they've gone public.

Texas History 101
Texas History 101

Jul 31, 2004 By krisbronstad

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have always strived to represent traditional small-town-pigskin values.

Books That Cook
Books That Cook

Jul 31, 2004 By costacaloudas

In 1986 Damian Mandola and Johnny Carrabba noticed the lack of a casual-yet-great Italian restaurant in Houston, so the two opened Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Almost two decades later, the duo have more than one hundred eateries under the Carrabba’s name, a PBS series, and a partnership taking the brand to…


Don Graham
White Like Me

Jul 31, 2004 By Don Graham

Growing up in segregated Collin County, I was oblivious to the impact of Jim Crow—until I read John Howard Griffin's American classic.

Kinky Friedman
The Wedding Partyer

Jul 31, 2004 By Kinky Friedman

Do I, Kinky Friedman, take tequila-loving country singer Pat Green to be my friend for life? I do.

Anne Dingus
The Rat Unpacks

Jul 31, 2004 By Anne Dingus

I've been collecting vintage Texana since I was ten years old, and believe me, I've got loads. But it's time to sell.


David Carr

Jul 31, 2004 By Evan Smith

“We’re a real NFL football team, and we can go out and make plays. We have talent. We can beat teams. It’s not a fluke if we beat the Cowboys.”


Jul 31, 2004 By Texas Monthly

08.05.2004 More times than not, Anne Frank is the singular face, doe-eyed and smiling, we use to represent the whole of the Holocaust tragedy, the one that stands in for more than 11 million faceless others. This month, however, with the opening of “ANNE FRANK: A PRIVATE PHOTO ALBUM” at…

Coming Attractions: The month in music

Jul 31, 2004 By Texas Monthly

Down in The Valley When the Queen of Latin Pop takes the Dodge Arena stage, in Hidalgo, on July 30, the small border town will have pulled off a musical coup. How often does a big-time performer like Gloria Estefan kick off a national tour in the Rio Grande Valley?…

Nature Calls: Adventures in the great outdoors

Jul 31, 2004 By Texas Monthly

Catching Air Whether you call it kiteboarding or kitesurfing, riding a surfboard while strapped to a kite is not for the timid. As Jeff Chilcoat, of Corpus Christi Kitesurfing, told us, “On a good day, my kite can pull a car.” We recommend proper instruction. AIR PADRE KITEBOARDING, South Padre…