December 1981


Texas, 1945 Or The Sad Cowboy

Dec 1, 1981 By Nicholas Lemann

In a faraway archive we found the best photographs of Texas ever taken, never befor published in a large group. Together, they show every part of the state as it entered the modern age. And each one has a story behind it.

Child’s Play

Dec 1, 1981 By Stephen Harrigan

A brief but opinionated guide to the world’s best toys, from the Alpha Porbe to the telephone.


Oscar’s Follie

Dec 1, 1981 By Harry Hurt III

Coastal Corporation’s mastermind, Oscar Wyatt, keeps everyone guessing these days—from the IRS to society columnists to stock analysts.

Our Son, The Murderer

Dec 1, 1981 By W. L. Taitte

Dallas’ Stage #1 proves it’s worthy of its name with a gut-wrenching production about a family torn apart.

Popular Music
Rockers, Kickers, and Hepcats

Dec 1, 1981 By Pepi Plowman

Texas music is wide open these days. You can stand by old standbys like Willie or take a chance on nuclear polka and Caribbean funk.

Rage of Cajuns

Dec 1, 1981 By James Wolcott

Southern Comfort bathes the bayou in blood; Chariots of Fire sets no track records; Quartet is a marvel of misdirection; True Confessions’ trespasses are forgivable; Time Bandits steals the show.

Kids and Money

Dec 1, 1981 By Prudence Mackintosh

Children today understand brand names like Izod and concepts like “rip-off,” but they don’t understand that some things—the best things—can’t be bought.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Dec 1, 1981 By Paul Burka

Dreaming Democrats; juicy news about the News; shake-ups brewing in UT; whey Reagan can’t decontrol gas.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Dec 1, 1981 By Peter Applebome

Robots take over Dallas; sports talk shows take Houston by storm; border bridges take forever to get built; John Tower takes the lead in the defense debate; a Corsicana bakery takes the fruitcake.