December 1981


Texas, 1945 Or The Sad Cowboy

Dec 1, 1981 By Nicholas Lemann

In a faraway archive we found the best photographs of Texas ever taken, never befor published in a large group. Together, they show every part of the state as it entered the modern age. And each one has a story behind it.


Rage of Cajuns

Dec 1, 1981 By James Wolcott

Southern Comfort bathes the bayou in blood; Chariots of Fire sets no track records; Quartet is a marvel of misdirection; True Confessions’ trespasses are forgivable; Time Bandits steals the show.

Kids and Money

Dec 1, 1981 By Prudence Mackintosh

Children today understand brand names like Izod and concepts like “rip-off,” but they don’t understand that some things—the best things—can’t be bought.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Dec 1, 1981 By Peter Applebome

Robots take over Dallas; sports talk shows take Houston by storm; border bridges take forever to get built; John Tower takes the lead in the defense debate; a Corsicana bakery takes the fruitcake.